TVE abandons EuroNews

National public Spanish broadcaster Televisión Española (TVE) has made the decision to abandon ist news provision to pan-European information channel EuroNews, according to Philippe Cayla EuroNews's president and CEO.

"We are sad and worried at the same time because Televisión Española was one of our reference broadcasters and it was within our project since the very beginning," Cayla said.

The decision has been made because of the €2 million a year TVE provides EuroNews with while EuroNews directly competes with TVE's international channel TVE Internacional. Some sources indicate this decision is based on political reasons.

Euronews is still hoping to find a solution. Dropping the channel would leave EuroNews with a economic hole for the first time in its 15 year history.

In Spain EuroNews' audience was far higher than that of other news channels such as CNN International or BBC International. The pan-European channel broadcasts in seven languages, among them Spanish, but by 2013 ist management hopes to add five more languages. In the short term the channel wants to transmit in Polish, Greek, Turkish and Hindi. Technically, the channel has the capacity to broadcast in 15 languages.