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Cheaper by the Dozen
(2003) Family comedy starring Steve Martin as the stressed-out father of 12 brats. Shawn Levy's warm-hearted family comedy also stars Piper Perabo.Family comedy starring Steve Martin as the stressed-out father of 12 brats
Cheaper By The Dozen Cheaper By The Dozen is loosely based on a best-selling memoir from the 1940s about growing up in a large family, so it's hardly surprising that it is so unashamedly old-fashioned. Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt are Tom and Kate, the parents of the Baker brood: 12 irritating urchins, the raising of which has necessitated abandoning promising careers as, respectively, a football coach and a sports reporter. That's okay though, because for the Bakers family is everything. When Tom gets offered his dream job coaching his alma mater football team, they uproot from their safe hick country town to the soulless big city.
It's not hard to predict what happens next: kids get bullied, kids hate dad. However, things get worse when Hunt's quirky book about raising such a big family becomes a success and she goes on a promotional tour leaving Martin in charge at the very moment he has to dedicate more time to his new job. Cue kids running around trashing their new home, slipping in sick and throwing darts at each other in a collective bid for attention while Martin fumbles in his dual role as father and a career man.
Which is all as horrible as it sounds. The kids are so screechy it's like listening to a cat fight for 90 minutes. Worst of all, it's cloying and sentimental, lessons are learned and big career dreams are once again abandoned in favour of a life of servitude to precocious offspring.

The Gunfighter
(1950) Gregory Peck stars in Henry King's noir western as Jimmy Ringo, an aging gunslinger who rides into a strange town.One of the first westerns to take a look at what happens to a gunslinger when he's over the hill. Peck is Johnny Ringo, fed up with his reputation as a killer. When he arrives in a small town his only aim is quietly to rekindle a relationship with the wife and kid he deserted, but the townsfolk see him as a threat. While the young bucks want to challenge him to fights, the law-abiding burghers want him out because he's a magnet for trouble. It's almost perfectly judged by writer, director and cast, and is among the very best westerns ever made.

The Sons of Katie Elder
(1965) A group of brothers return to their hometown for their mother's funeral and set about trying to reclaim the family ranch from a card shark.John Wayne and Dean Martin star in this western about brothers investigating the death of their father and the virtual eviction of their recently deceased mother
The Sons Of Katie Elder The slightly strange pairing of 'Duke' Wayne and lounge lizard Dean Martin that marked Howard Hawks' 1959 classic Rio Bravo was reprised in this western directed by veteran Henry Hathaway. Hathaway was an old hand at such things, having started his career in the 1930s directing westerns, before going on to make such hits as Rawhide (1951). A few years after The Sons Of Katie Elder he directed Wayne in his first and only Oscar-winning role in True Grit (1965). Hathaway wasn't renowned as a stylist or innovator, but he knew how to handle landscapes and tell a story in a straightforward manner. Such is the case here, the Mexican countryside standing in for Texas and captured with that classic combination of Technicolor and Panavision widescreen.
On the day of the funeral of their mother Katie, three of the Elder boys - Tom (Martin), Matt (Holliman) and young Bud (Anderson Jr) are back in the Texas town of Clearwater, waiting at the railway station for the arrival of their oldest sibling John (Wayne). He doesn't arrive. Instead, a dangerous looking man in black (Kennedy) gets off the train. He's the sort who sets off the alarm bells of old sheriff Billy (Fix) and gets his zealous young deputy Ben (Slate) itching.

(1995) A disparate group set out on safari into the heart of the Congo and are attacked by a troop of intelligent killer apes.A motley crew of scientists and mercenaries embark on a perilous expedition to the Congo to locate the missing son of a tycoon and a stash of priceless diamonds. Action adventure starring Laura Linney, Dylan Walsh, Ernie Hudson and Tim Curry; directed by Frank Marshall
Congo The influence of the B-movies of the 1940s and 1950s on some of Hollywood's most successful film directors is undisputable: George Lucas took his love of Flash Gordon serials and turned it into the billion dollar Star Wars empire, while close pal Steven Spielberg used his affection for the same shorts to create the ever-popular Indiana Jones series. Having executive produced numerous Spielberg-associated films (including the Indiana Jones and Back To The Future trilogies), Frank Marshall has taken a leaf out of his frequent collaborator's book by both hopping in the director's chair and creating a loving homage to adventure-packed B-pictures of Hollywood's golden age.
Based on the Michael Crichton novel, Congo has all the hallmarks of a typical B-movie extravaganza: a non-A-list cast, a number of flamboyant performances, eye-raising effects and a deliciously over-the-top premise. The story kicks off when an eccentric tycoon (Baker) sends underling and ex-CIA communications expert Dr Karen Ross (Linney) to locate his missing son Charlie (The Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell in an all-too-brief cameo). Last seen deep in the African Congo looking for diamonds, Charlie's last cryptic transmission from the area contains what seem to be a pack of seriously unhappy gorillas.

Boat Trip
(2002) Two straight friends in search of easy women accidentally book on to a gay cruise. Farce starring Cuba Gooding Jr and featuring Roger Moore.Two straight friends in search of easy women accidentally book on to a gay cruise. Unfortunate farce starring Cuba Gooding Jr and featuring Roger Moore
Boat Trip Somewhere in this embarrassing comedy is a vaguely credible comment about how gay culture can appear surreal to naive straight eyes. However, Boat Trip relies on the most simplistic shorthand for creating an on-screen gay scene: it's all buff men in chaps, high camp and cabaret, like outtakes from The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert. There's even a moment featuring an emotional queen singing 'I Will Survive' at the piano. Lacking the skill to make the point effectively, the film instead falls back on standard movie messages: ignorance can be easily alleviated; people who fall in love while labouring under an illusion can overcome the lie to live happily ever after. Six months after his marriage offer is declined by his girlfriend Felicia (Fox), good-natured but depressed goofball Jerry (Gooding Jr) allows his geeky friend Nick (Sanz) to book them on a cruise. The sole purpose is to pry Jerry from his despondency by plying him with easy bimbo sex ("We're not going for the discourse - we're going for the intercourse"). The plan backfires, though - the friends are booked in with the "Socrates Club: Global Travel For The Gay Community". Amazingly, Jerry does meet a straight women, the ship's dance teacher Gabriela (Sanchez), whom he falls for. But she's embittered by experiences with dumb guys.

The Motorcycle Diaries
(2003) In 1950s Argentina, Ernesto Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado tour South America on a clapped-out motorbike.Gael García Bernal and Rodrigo De La Serna star in Walter Salles adaptation of Che Guevara's journals written while travelling in South America in 1952
Uniquely, Ernesto 'Che' Guevara stands as an icon of both politics and pop, that ubiquitous headshot by Alberto Korda a symbol of dissent from Camden Town to Caracas. Indeed, so much mythical baggage surrounds Che-the-revolutionary that Ernesto-the-man has almost vanished. Walter Salles' magnificent adaptation of Guevara's 'The Motorcycle Diaries', and his travelling companion Alberto Granado's memoir 'Travelling With Che Guevara', vividly humanizes the legend while honouring the life - or at least a version of it. Part road-movie, part rite of passage, this is a film that avoids noisy rabble-rousing in favour of a funny, subtle and poignant tribute to friendship and burgeoning idealism.
It begins in Buenos Aires in 1952 as 29-year-old biochemist Alberto Granado (De La Serna) and asthma-stricken 23-year-old medical student Ernesto Guevara De La Serna (Bernal) prepare to embark on a mammoth road trip through Latin America. The objective: girls, beer and self-discovery. The means: a 1939 Norton motorbike nicknamed, with some irony, 'The Mighty One'. "The method," says Ernesto, "improvisation."

Sex, Lies and Videotape
(1989) Steven Soderbergh's feature wittily and perceptively examines the inhibitions and erotic impulses which control the lives of four people.Steven Soderbergh's feature debut concerns the shifting sexual attitudes and power structures of a group of four Americans, including James Spader and Andie MacDowell
Sex, Lies And Videotape Steven Soderbergh's feature debut Sex, Lies And Videotape took only eight days to write, cost less than $2 million to shoot, was the first big hit to come out of the Sundance Festival and features a career-making performance from Andie MacDowell. MacDowell's porcelain-faced restraint was ideal for the role of a frigid wife, Ann Millaney, whose yuppie husband, John (Gallagher), is shagging her insatiable sister, Cynthia (San Giacomo).
The arrival of John's old college friend Graham Dalton (Spader) unbalances the status quo. Graham's impotent and shy, which should mean that he's harmless. But Soderbergh's script is subtler than that, allowing Graham to get his kicks instead from watching the videos he's made of women's sexual confessions.
It's through these videos, made by Cynthia and eventually Ann, that the riveting drama unfolds, as emerging revelations shift the balance of power among the quartet.