Torres unimpressed by defenders

Liverpool striker rates Carvalho above Terry

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has hailed Chelsea's Ricardo Carvalho as the best defender in the Premier League.

The Spaniard enjoyed a superb first season in the Premier League but he believes his job was made easier by some poor defending.

He found most of the centre-backs he came across to be more brawn than brains, and admits he was able to capitalise on some careless mistakes.

One exception was Carvalho, who Torres feels does not get the credit he deserves.

Torres rates the Portugal international above his Chelsea team-mate John Terry and thinks he is one of the most impressive defenders in world football.


"Terry is captain so gets a much higher profile. But he's only secondary to Carvalho," Torres told The Sun.

"Ricky is superb. He has every quality that is needed."

Torres added: "The central defenders (in the Premier League) are usually big, strong, aggressive lads.

"I guess it is probably because of these characteristics that the majority think they can solve problems by getting tough with me.

"But the truth is most of them lack defensive positioning as a result of their reliance on strength and aggression and leave so much space for you to take advantage of."