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(1950) A prison warden believes that one of his charges might be innocent. Crime-based drama starring Glenn Ford and Broderick Crawford.A prison warden believes that one of his charges might be innocent. Crime-based drama starring Glenn Ford and Broderick Crawford
There've been any number of films made about the prison guard who grows suspicious about the legality of a convict's conviction. Convicted, aka One Way Out, is itself a remake of 1938's Penitentiary, which in turn lifted elements from 1931's The Criminal Code. In more recent times, similar situations have been explored in Frank Darabont's adaptation of The Green Mile and the self-explanatory Tom Selleck vehicle An Innocent Man. In Convicted, it's Broderick Crawford's George Knowland who frets that inmate Joe Hufford (Ford) ought to be on the outside. Convinced that "a first year law clerk could win this case with an IQ of 50," Knowland pledges to "get to the bottom" of Hufford's predicament, regardless of what the authorities might have to say about his meddling.

Fun in Acapulco
(1963) Elvis Presley plays Mike Windgren, an ex-trapeze artist who's lost his nerve since dropping his partner.

Dunston Checks In
(1996) An orangutan wreaks havoc while staying in a plush hotel. Children's comedy adventure starring Jason Alexander, Rupert Everett and an ape.An orangutan wreaks havoc while staying in a plush hotel. Children's comedy adventure starring Jason Alexander and Rupert Everett
Dunston Checks In Of all the great apes, it's the orangutan to which cinema has dealt the worst hand. While gorillas have had the many incarnations of King Kong and chimps have had the Tarzan movies, what vehicles have there been for the favourite sons of Borneo and Sumatra? Just those awful Clint Eastwood movies and the role of the most crotchety primates in the original Planet Of The Apes. Of course, there's also Dunston Checks In, the highly entertaining, hugely underrated tale of what happens when a boy (Lloyd) and his exotic pet find themselves confined to their suite in a five-star hotel. Actually, it's more of a four-star hotel, since the staff and occupants include Faye Dunaway, the ever fruity Rupert Everett, the excellent Jason Alexander and the man behind Pee-Wee Herman, Paul Reubens.
If you take into account that Everett plays a stuffy upper-crust Brit, Alexander is as put-upon as ever, Reubens is a scheming pest controller and young Dunston is the most mischievous of animals then the plot won't come as much of a surprise. Ken Kwapis, however, isn't your average hack - his CV includes episodes of 'ER', 'The Larry Sanders Show' and the American version of 'The Office' - and so the ape's adventures play out pleasingly. The performances are rather ripe (Dunaway was nominated for a Razzie for her hysterical turn), but the ham is so fine, it wouldn't look out of place on the deli counter at Fortnum & Mason's.

Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe
(1991) Kathy Bates is perfectly cast as an overweight, repressed housewife who is befriended by quirky octogenarian Jessica Tandy.An aging woman's stories about a Southern girl's tough experiences growing up inspire a lady with assertiveness issues. American comedy-drama starring Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy and Mary-Stuart Masterson
Fried Green Tomatoes On the face of it, Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistlestop Caf resembles any number of films about the deeds of one woman inspiring another to perform her own great feats. One doesn't have to examine Jon Avnet's debut feature too closely to discover what singles it out. While mutual appreciation is common enough in women's pictures, lesbianism is a less frequently encountered animal. It's the Sapphic aspects of Fried Green Tomatoes that make the film remarkable. Indeed, without them, there'd be an inescapable feeling that we'd seen this movie before. Kathy Bates plays fat, ineffectual housewife Norma Couch, a woman waiting to be inspired. Fellow Academy Award winner Jessica Tandy plays Ninny Threadgoode, the lady who inspires her with stories about a young woman growing up in Whistle Stop, your average, intolerant Southern town.
So far, so familiar, and the recipe feels samier still when Avent unveils the first of many lengthy flashback sequences. But in between the tales of Klansmen, good black fellas and loveable racists comes the revelation that the subject of Ninny's stories, Idgie Threadgoode (Masterson), is upfront about her physical affection for her friend, battered wife Ruth Jameson (Parker).

Chain Reaction
(1996) Keanu Reeves stars as a brilliant physicist who falls foul of shadowy government agents in this pacy thriller directed by Andrew Davis.If you can believe Keanu 'The Dude' Reeves as a nuclear physicist you may get a kick out of this shameless Mission Impossible rip off. If not, then suspend your disbelief for 100 minutes or so as there are some nifty stunts, a couple of room shaking explosions and a series of breathless chase sequences in The Fugitive mould as Reeves and Weisz evade nasty government agents. Morgan Freeman lends the confection some much needed gravitas though Weisz has little to do but hang on for the ride while Reeves saves the world. Dumb but fun.

Princess Mononoke
(1997) A mature, complex, truly epic anime.A young warrior prince gets involved in the conflict between magical beasts and ruthlessly progressive humans in this mature, complex, epic anime from Hayao Miyazaki
Princess Mononoke Like pretty much all anime (animated films related to manga comics), Princess Mononoke builds toward cataclysm. It's understandable that mass destruction is a recurrent theme in anime - after all, Japan is the only country to have suffered first hand from atomic bombing. However, whereas most anime feature high-tech battles in modern cities, Princess Mononoke's climactic destruction has a refreshingly different setting - a mythologised 14th century landscape. This setting is brought to life with utter magnificence by anime master Hayao Miyazaki - who has been praised in no uncertain terms by the likes of Toy Story creator John Lasseter ("Not a day goes by that I do not utilize the tools learned from studying his films,").
Despite the timeframe, the themes of the film are pertinent and modern - the effects of the human drive to better ourselves through technology, and the environmental repercussions of such ambition.