Info ou Intox, la team Fausto va nous résuciter nos anciennes CAMs?
When we started on sat scene,
We had ALL THE SAME DREAM: Use same editor/emulator/k€ys file with all cams or cards reader
Now the dream has come true under Fausto v1.28
Now Fausto Editor/Emulator can be used with many cams & receivers internal card reader.
All testing has been finished for the Matrix, Magic Module, Joker/Skycrypt, Trex, Di@blo Light and more....
We have done the same with many receivers internal card reader and now many old receiver without emulator will be brought back to life with Fausto.
It is clear OUR DREAM has become A REALITY and much of our equipment that we have long put into storage can be dusted off and used again (cams/receivers).
Come on & visit us and you'll see what Fausto can do now....
FAUSTO 1.28....coming your way soon!
A suivre pour voir si c'est vrai