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Thread: How to use s2emu? what is wrong? what is missed?

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    How to use s2emu? what is wrong? what is missed?

    Firts of all, Im from BRazil, my english is poor,Im totally newbie, so I need help. I looked in many sites and foruns, but none of relevant information for a nooba I found, I NEed to know how to use s2emu and yankse ! Please help me. What I did? 1. installed properly SS2, drivers and progdvb 2. setup the diseq ok, scans come channels, ok ! 3. showns up the FTA and some "RED" scrambled chans. 4. Put the last versions of yankse (Yankse.dll) and s2emu (s2emu.dll) in the plugins folder. 5. started progdvb again What happens ? 1. message error: failed to open softcam.key file So in some scramble what I see when open the yanksse TT? hxxp:// ECM: 266 (0x010a) System: Unk: 00 8D e9 00 00 PMT: blank PRov id: blank Date:x Ch. ID:x SID 1(0x0001) Key: blank CW Even.: blank CW Odd: blank CA : 22f0 ECM: 266(010A) ID:000000 EMM: 0080 What happens? the field in front of ECM: shows the number of attempts: 0: XXX: 184 -> the XXX still growns, it takes till 30K so the computer looses control, the number still growns, but I cant even move the mouse ! I cant open or close any program, but the number still growns... I left it "wroking" about 24 hours and it tried 75000 times ! and keep coming ! Question> is it normal ? Can I log till the last attempt? I.e: 30.345 , so I started again and it continues from this mark ? it dont need to "reescan" the 30.345 attmpts again ! so my chanves increases Question> how can I know if is it working? some screen or button appears? Question> without any softcam.key I can found myself the keys ? IF I can, how could I try? Because, I cant find the keys for satelites Amazonas and BrasilSAt3 in South America Question> where Im failling ? Here is Other attemp with other chan, the same problem, the diff is that it shows Ird/Beta instead Unk !, but the rest is the same... : hxxp:// Plz, mates any information is precious to me ! I really need to put it to works properly ! Tkz all

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    Re: How to use s2emu? what is wrong? what is missed?

    Put the last versions of yankse (Yankse.dll) and s2emu (s2emu.dll) in the plugins folder
    These need to be in the root (main) folder.
    Try your local USENET (google groups) for keys
    you'll not find any on a European Sat forum.

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