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The Gentle Sex
(1943) Second World War documentary-style drama following the fortunes of seven very different women through the war years.Leslie Howard's WWII propaganda piece follows the experiences of a group of women as they sign up to the war effort
Gentle Sex Taking the (then) very modern format of a documentary-drama, The Gentle Sex (produced, directed and narrated by Leslie Howard) welcomes seven new female recruits to an Auxiliary Territorial Service base.The women are a mixed bunch from all walks of life. Gwen (Gates) is a cheery Cockney. Foxy Anne (Howard) is an officer's daughter and a bit of a know-it-all. Then there's Joan (Waring). She's a bit shy. Finds it hard to join in. Their natural leader is Maggie (John), a good-humoured Scot who can't stop eating. There's even a Polish refugee amongst them, excitable Erna (Palmer). The women each have their own reasons for joining up - the Nazis killed Erna's family and she wants revenge; good time girl Dot (Gillie) just wants a change of scene - but all of them are eager to do their bit for Blighty.
The film listens to their stories, asks them what it is about Britain that's worth fighting for and what their hopes are for the nation's future, all the while following them through basic army and specialist auxiliary training, before packing them off to their posts as truck drivers, telephonists and orderlies around the country. The youngest of the seven, Betty (Greenwood), even gets to operate an anti-aircraft gun.
If the film sounds like a recruitment advert, that's because it was. Its very purpose was to encourage women to join the ATS, to free up able-bodied men from the jobs back home so that they could be sent to the front.

White Feather
(1955) Intelligent western set in Wyoming in 1887, in which surveyor Robert Wagner falls for Cheyenne Indian Debra Paget and helps avert a massacre.Intelligent western set in Wyoming in 1887 where surveyor Robert Wagner falls for Cheyenne Indian Debra Paget and helps avert a massacre.

The League Of Gentlemen
(1960) Jack Hawkins stars as an embittered army officer who recruits a shady bunch of ex-servicemen to help him pull off a million pound bank robbery.Ex-soldiers use their expertise in a new career - as gentlemen bank robbers. A witty, cool comedy starring a young Richard Attenborough
The League Of Gentlemen The clue is in the title: gentlemen, would-be thieves who are no ordinary crooks but officers and either their equals or their lackeys. Lt Col Hyde is the mastermind and is decidedly narked by being forced out of the military. He recruits seven dodgy, equally dissatisfied colleagues to execute a bank robbery with military precision. As we know, the best-laid plans... But the enjoyment here is in the plan, the training and the heist, carried out by a stereotypical cross-section of humanity. The story, wittily adapted and briskly directed, is played out by the cast with total conviction.

Say Anything
(1989) A kickboxing slacker falls for the smartest girl in school the summer before she leaves for university.A kickboxing slacker falls for the smartest girl in school the summer before she leaves for university. Romantic drama starring John Cusack, Ione Skye and John Mahoney, written and directed by Cameron Crowe
Say Anything The movie business has few better ideas men than James L Brooks. Executive producer on 'The Simpsons' and the force behind hit movies like As Good As It Gets and Broadcast News, we have Brooks to thank for the very excellent Say Anything... He was inspired by seeing a man and his daughter walking hand-in-hand at the mall; he thought there was an interesting story to tell about what would happen if the father committed a crime. The task of transforming this seed of an idea into a screenplay fell to former 'Rolling Stone' journalist Cameron Crowe. Now best known for winning an Oscar for Almost Famous and for stuffing up Vanilla Sky, Crowe was well-qualified to tackle a teen movie, having gone undercover at his former school for the magazine article that would become Fast Times At Ridgemont High. But while the characters in that movie were amusing stereotypes, in Say Anything... Crowe - in collaboration with the greatest young actor of the time, John Cusack - created one of the most realistic teens in cinema, the marvelously monikered Lloyd Dobler.

The Day After Tomorrow
(2004) Mankind faces a new ice age in this special effects extravaganza from Independence Day director Roland Emmerich.Mankind faces a new ice age in this special effects extravaganza from Independence Day director Roland Emmerich. Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal star
The Day After Tomorrow Are stupendous special effects and a solid scenario enough to carry a film, when the narrative and dialogue are weak? In the case of Roland Emmerich's The Day After Tomorrow, the answer is yes. But only just. Stories based on the end of civilisation have long been popular. Flood, fire, plague, alien invasion, meteors, comets, sentient machines, even Satan - humanity has been battered by them all for decades thanks to the imaginations of authors and filmmakers.
Director Roland Emmerich is no stranger to mass destruction. His biggest hit (with his then production partner Dean Devlin), 1996's Independence Day had nasty aliens knackering the planet until heroic Americans saw them off. He followed that mayhem with some more focused property damage in 1998's Godzilla. With The Day After Tomorrow he is once again wreaking destruction on a global scale. Unfortunately, his attempt to portray a worldwide crisis results in a piecemeal story, its narrative drive interrupted by over-ambitious plotting.

Y Tu Mama Tambien
(2001) Top quality road movie from Mexico. In Spanish with English subtitles.Top quality road movie from Mexico. Featuring two dumb-cool adolescents and an intelligent, well crafted journey of self discovery, this is Beavis and Butthead with brains and sex appeal
Y Tu Mamá También (And Your Mother Too) starts with a shot of a hairy arse frantically bobbing up and down beneath a Harold And Maude poster, as one of the film's trio of heroes, Tenoch (Luna), bids a frenetic farewell to his girlfriend Ana (Mercado). It carries on in much the same way from there - scatological, knowing, funny and tinged with the sadness of a fleeting moment. Ana's departure leaves Tenoch and his best friend Julio (Bernal, Amores Perros) alone and bored for the summer (the latter's girlfriend has also gone to Italy). They've got little to do other than smoke weed, go to parties and jerk off. That is, until they meet Luisa (Verdú), the beautiful Spanish wife of Julio's unpleasant cousin. Jokingly Julio and Tenoch invite her to come with them to a paradise beach called Boca Del Cielo (Heaven's Mouth - lecherous pun fully intended). To their amazement, she takes them up on their offer, having left her philandering husband. The boys, unaware of this and completely unprepared, manage to borrow a car, rush around to their dealer's to pick up a map and other essentials and hit the road with Luisa, hoping for some sex - and that she won't realise that the beach is a figment of their imagination.

The Banger Sisters
(2002) Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon star in a dippy comedy as middle-aged former groupies out to rediscover their rock 'n' roll lifestyle.Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon star in a dippy but funny comedy as middle-aged former groupies out to rediscover their rock 'n' roll lifestyle
Banger Sisters Goldie Hawn is Suzette, a former teenage groupie now edging unhappily into late middle-age. When she gets fired from her job tending an LA bar, she decides to head off in search of her former buddie Lavinia (Sarandon). Together they were the Banger sisters, legendary late 60s / 70s rock-star shaggers. But as Suzette soon discovers, these days Lavinia prefers the quiet life, looking after her suburban family and trying to make sure that her past remains firmly hidden. Will Suzette get her life back on track? Will Lavinia come out of denial? What do you think? It's a Hollywood comedy, for goodness sake.
By and large the laughs are gentle chuckles rather than heaving belly laughs, but there are plenty of them. Writer-director Bob Dolman (Willow and Far And Away screenwriter) handles the big stars well, getting a neat restrained performance out of Sarandon and letting Hawn bubble and pout happily beside her in what amounts to an older, faded photocopy of her daughter Kate Hudson's turn in Almost Famous. Best of all though is Geoffrey Rush, as a depressed writer that Suzette picks up en route to Lavinia's. Sly and manic, he steals the show.