China will dominate Asia digital TV

Informa’s latest Asia Pacific TV survey says Chinese homes will generate half of all digital TV connections in the region within the next five years. China has already overtaken Japan’s 19.9m digital TV connections, with growth from 12.9m in 2006 to 27.3m last year.

But jump forward to 2013 and the Chinese digital numbers are forecast to rise to an impressive 123m, according to Informa, compared to Japan’s 35.7m. Factor in India’s anticipated growth in 2013 and Japan will slip to third position. India is forecast to grow from 11.7m (at end of 2007) to 40.8m in 2013.

"China's sheer size makes it the region's most eye-catching market, but there has been progress pretty much everywhere. At the end of last year, the region had 75 million homes receiving digital signals," report author Adam Thomas noted. "This is more than 10 times the 2001 figure and paves the way for even greater expansion over the next five years."

The Asia-Pac region overall will approach 250m digital homes by 2013 says the study.

However, examine the overall value of pay-TV homes and the result presents a very different picture. Under this portion of the forecast Japan holds onto its number one position, worth $14.9bn in 2013, up from $10.6bn last year. India and China will be more or less equal (at $8.92bn and $8.82bn respectively) in 2013. South Korea’s pay-TV revenues are expected to grow from last year’s $2.87bn to $4.02bn by 2013.

Pay-TV in the Asia-Pacific region is forecast to be worth some $45bn by 2013, still firmly in second place compared to TV advertising revenues, which Informa says will be worth some $70bn.