No carriage deals yet for Dutch football channel

The new Dutch live football channel from Endemol and the Eredivisie league has yet to sign its first distribution agreements. According to Dutch press reports, carriage deals are pending with two IPTV providers, KPN and Tele2, as well as with KPN’s DTT platform Digitenne. Negotiations are also under way with UPC, the DTH platform Canal Satelliet Digitaal and possibly other cablers.

The new channel will offer live coverage of all Eredivisie league games with a maximum of four simultaneous streams. The expected monthly subscription fee will be €15.00 for the complete package, with a €7.50 price tag for two channels on the DTT platform.

Tele2 Voetbal was the exclusive holder of the rights in the past three seasons but sub-licensed the games to DTT, DTH, Cable and IPTV from KPN.

The new channel is a joint venture between the Eredivisie and Endemol, set up after the football league failed to receive high enough bids from third parties.