Dear guys,

I have a receiver
Astra 9500 - model E224
Hardware 2:00
( this receiver is in the same group with Starsat 200CI- Condor 5000CI.....)

The problem is that when I upload a softcam to my receiver many Biss keys can't be inputed in the key list in the software. I realized that those Keys start in the softcam with the letter (F). so keys like those Will never be transfered to my receiver, while the keys start with letter (B) will be transfered normally.

F 36B11E79 00 B000631358515D06
B 1FFF 1B2C3D844E5F6A17

I don't kow what is the problem.I believe it is a software problem because when I tried to manually enter the (F) keys I discovered that there are 2 dashes at the begining of ID space and also in the key has 2 dashes like this:-

--0000 -- 0000000000000000

Can anyone tell me how I can deal with a situation like this? what is the problem? How can I input the keys for sexview or freesextv channels as long as I can not input them.Please help if you can.

Thanks alot