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Boomerang! (PG) 1947 Dana Andrews stars as a district attorney determined to convict a vagrant of killing a prominent clergyman. However, as the lawyer delves deeper into the case, he begins to suspect the defendant may in fact be innocent. Riveting thriller based on a real-life murder case of the 1920s, also starring Lee J Cobb, Arthur Kennedy, Jane Wyatt and Ed Begley (888)

The Whole Town's Talking (U) 1934 Edward G Robinson plays two roles in this crime comedy about Arthur Jones, a timid clerk who bears an uncanny resemblance to notorious gangster “Killer” Mannion. When Jones is mistaken for the crook and arrested, he manages to convince the cops of his identity and is issued a special document proving who he is. But when Mannion finds out, he plans to steal the document and use it as the perfect cover for his criminal activities. With Jean Arthur and Wallace Ford

Carrington VC (PG) 1954 David Niven stars in this superb legal drama as a decorated Army major who resorts to embezzling mess funds to make ends meet — an act that leaves him facing a court martial, with the evidence stacked against him. To make matters worse, his wife sees the opportunity to get revenge for his wartime affairs by providing false testimony for the prosecution. Margaret Leighton, Noelle Middleton, Laurence Naismith and Clive Morton are among those lending support (888)

Explorers (U) 1985 A young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix head the cast of this underrated sci-fi adventure, in which three boys intercept a message from outer space. Discovering it contains instructions for creating their own spaceship, they set out to trace the signal to its source. But the aliens aren't quite what the young astronauts expected them to be. Co-starring Jason Presson, Dick Miller, James Cromwell and Robert Picardo in three different roles (888)

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (12) 2004 The struggling owner of a run-down gym is forced to take drastic action to prevent a rival buying the business out from under him — and enlists his customers to form a dodgeball team in the hope of triumphing in the US championships. Spirited sporting comedy, featuring Ben Stiller as the arrogant fitness guru intent on taking over Vince Vaughn's establishment. Christine Taylor also stars (888)

Hustle and Flow (15) 2005 A pimp and pusher decides to change his ways when he realises he's reached the age at which his father died. Using his experience of life on the streets he becomes a rapper, and an encounter with a local hip-hop star gives him the perfect chance to kickstart his career in music. Gritty, acclaimed drama, starring Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson and Taryn Manning, with support from Isaac Hayes

Keane (15) 2004 Powerful psychological drama, starring Damian Lewis as a troubled man looking for his missing daughter in New York. He forms an attachment to a young girl and her mother, who help him with his search. But it remains to be seen if the missing child is real or a delusion and whether his newfound friendships will help him conquer his personal demons or make them worse. With Abigail Breslin and Amy Ryan

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