Wireless HDTV on way

Israeli company Amimon is reportedly in discussion with heavyweight technology companies Sony, Samsung and others to develop a system that will deliver fat HDTV signals around the home without wires.

Amimon says it is part of a new consortium that contains Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Sharp and Hitachi which is behind Amimon’s chip development which the business sees being incorporated in TVs, gaming consoles, DVD players and set-top boxes. The development will add about $100 to the cost of units, and the first kit with the technology enabled should start appearing next year.

The technology under development, WHDI, isn’t the only would-be “standard” that is seeking this HDTV-based Holy Grail, but Amimon’s development enables wireless delivery of uncompressed HDTV throughout the home with video rates of up to 3Gbps (uncompressed 1080p) in the USA’s 5Ghz unlicensed band, with – they say – “the same quality as a wired connection and no latency”. It has been tested at ranges up to 100 ft, and through concrete and other dense building materials.

The business is based in Herzlia, Israel and has offices in Santa Clara, California and Tokyo. Amimon is backed by Argonaut Private Equity, Cedar Fund, Evergreen Venture Partners, Motorola Ventures, STATA Venture Partners and Walden Israel.