Finally Octagon bring up new USB & PVR Series, there will be 3 model wit UBS and PVR external hard disk.
Firs 2 Models are SF818 USB, PVR Ready for external HDD with single card reader
Second one is SF908 CA, CI, USB, PVR, VFD Display and Ethernet & Lan

Here is some info.


An elegant USB-PVR CA digital sat receiver

OCTAGON SF 818 CA USB PVR Ready provides for a strong and first-class receipt with its Sharp Blind-Scan Tuner, 32-Bit 233 mhz processor and 128MB Memory.
Enjoy the digital quality also under 1 second switching time of the programs.

With the connection types USB, YUV and Card reader you have a large selection in order to use different features of the Octagon SF818.
With the USB-Interface you can connect the Octagon SF818 with an external hard-disk or you can use a pen drive for using multimedia files.

The tuner recruitment (AGC value), adjustable over the remote maintenance, makes it also possible to watch channels with powerless signal in a high quality, which makes this receiver singular.

Individual colour adjustment (brightness, contrast, colour saturation) to its kind of transmission (film, news, sport, user) always ensures you the best picture quality.

Sensational characteristics:

233 MHz – 32-Bit processor
128 MB memory
6000 program capacity (TV & Radio)
USB 2.0
Component-Connection (YUV - YPbPr)
Unicable Support
SmartCard reader for CONAX coding

USB features: (already operative)

PVR record through external hard-drive or pen drive
Watch a program live while recording an other channel
Time shift and timer record
Support of MP3 sound files
JPEG / BMP picture diashow
Support of TS-video files
Software- and Settingsupdate
Main,-background and radio background pictures changeable
Backup of UDB (User Database), directly from STB to USB


Digital satellites receiver MPEG-2 & DVB-S compatibly
User-friendly 3D OSD menu
Clear and simple OSD surface
Colour adjustment: Colour mode, brightness, contrast and colour saturation
User-friendly EPG (electronic program magazine) for the representation of program information and program preview
254 satellites programmable
DiSEqC control level 1,0, 1,1, 1,2 and 1,3 (USALS)
LNB tension 13/18V & 14/19V adjustable in case of long lines
Video format in 4:3, 16:9 and letterbox
Zoom shot & Tracing function
Recall function: Storage of the last 20 selected channels
Find function: Transmitters can be found alphabetical
Program timer function
Sleep timer function
8 favourite lists for the organization of the TV of programs (film, news, sport, music, children, drama, family, otherwise.)
8 favourite lists for organization the radio programs (film, news, sport, music, children, drama, family, otherwise.)
Child safety lock for menu and programs
Several clear channel assortment functions as delete, rename, shift and close
Backup & restoring of the setting (Backup/Restore)
8 keys at the front screen
Front keys are switchable (on/off)
Support of videotext and sub-title
Software - update function over USB/RS-232 (PC-STB/STB-STB)
Data-transfer: Receiver to receiver
Menu in 24 languages
Games: Sokoban, Snake, Tetris, Mines, Slot Machine, Othello
Calendar and calculator function
Automatic NTSC/PAL recognition
Very fast channel browsing/scan
Multi search: several satellites can be marked and scanned
Manual PID input (audio, video and PCR)
Volume difference for each transmitter separately adjustable
Main,-background and radio background pictures changeable
Boat picture switch offable
Certain menu animations are selectable: Stripe, spray, Slide, fading in
Power switch on/off
HF modulator
Dolby digital 5,1 output SPDIF (optical)
2 x Scart (TV / CVR)
2 x Cinch output Audio (R/L)
1 x Cinch output Video
1 x 0/12 V cinch connection
Component connection (YUV - YPbPr)
Size: 290 x 55 x 220 mm
Weight: approx. 2 kg