Portuguese regulator to reassess DTT tender

The evaluation commission of Portuguese communications regulator Anacom has announced that it will review the bids of the tender for the pay-TV DTT multiplexes.

At the end of June, the commission passed a preliminary decision, declaring Portugal Telecom as the winner of the licences. However, the conclusions were challenged by the other bidder, Airplus TV Portugal, which requested the naming of a new jury that was “independent and capable”.

The Swedish-owned company submitted documents to Anacom claiming jury president, Carlos Eduardo do Rego da Costa Salema, is the CEO of the Telecommunications Institute, of which Portugal Telecom is a client and financial backer, while Salema’s daughter and brother are part of the PT management.

In the latest twist in the tale, Salema has resigned as president of the jury, so the commission will now function with two members, as a legal replacement for the president has not been appointed.