Film Four & Film Four +1 01-08-08.

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1.00pm Chance of a Lifetime
1950 A group of angry factory workers, tired of poor wages and working conditions, go on strike. The boss of the business decides to let his workers have a go at running the place, causing them to dramatically reassess their ideas. Amiable comedy drama, directed, written by and starring Bernard Miles, with Basil Radford, Kenneth More, Basil Radford and Geoffrey Keen

2.55pm The Scarlet Pimpernel
1934 An English dandy adopts a variety of disguises to rescue aristocrats from the guillotine during the early days of the French Revolution. Wildly successful period adventure, starring Leslie Howard as the foppish hero, alongside Merle Oberon, Raymond Massey and Nigel Bruce

4.50pm Because of Winn Dixie
2005 A 10-year-old girl moves to a small Florida town, where she comes across a stray dog. With her new canine companion by her side, the youngster meets a host of colourful local characters, who help her come to terms with her mother's death and improve her relationship with her father. Uplifting drama, based on a children's book written by Kate DiCamillo, starring Annasophia Robb and Jeff Daniels

7.00pm The Perfect Catch
2005 Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore star as unlikely couple Ben and Lindsey who meet and fall in love over the winter. But when summer brings a new baseball season, Lindsey discovers Ben's devotion to his favourite team knows no bounds and that she will always come second. The Farrelly brothers' romantic comedy, loosely based on Nick Hornby's football-themed novel Fever Pitch, but with America's favourite sport replacing Britain's. With Jack Kehler

9.00pm Mean Girls
2004 A girl starts at a new school where she's stunned to become part of the most popular clique. However, a dating faux pas leads to trouble and it's not long before her new friends turn on her. Urged on by her outsider pals, the new arrival resolves to bring down the self-appointed queen of campus only to end up adopting some of her rival's crueller characteristics. Catty comedy, starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey and Lacey Chabert

10.45pm Shopgirl
2005 A budding artist moves to Los Angeles and begins work at a department store in a bid to pay off her escalating debts. When she meets an aspiring musician who has similar financial woes she wonders if he is her Mr Right, but she soon forgets the young man when an older, more sophisticated gentleman whisks her off her feet. Romantic comedy, starring Claire Danes alongside Jason Schwartzman and Steve Martin, who also wrote the screenplay based on his own short story

12.45am Smiles of a Summer Night
1955 Ingmar Bergman's award-winning romantic comedy, starring Gunnar Bjornstrand as a successful married lawyer who begins a passionate affair with an alluring old flame (Eva Dahlbeck). The film became Bergman's biggest hit outside his native Sweden, and continues to influence contemporary directors

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