Hi guys. My first time here and so far so good. Some excellent and helpful posts. However for the novice like my self there are a lot of new things that might be obviously easy for others but for me its mindbreaking.

I have Micro-x MDR 6000 IR made in Korea with one Scart and curently reside in UAE.

So I downloaded the Firmware upgrade (thanks) and after a few tries got it into the receiver. I also managed to upload a chanel listing from the receiver. And thats where everything stopped beacuse:

1. If i try to edit the list the DnUpMan crashes.
2. The file has a .CDF extension (not .BIN)
3. Bin files are not recognised as chanel files

So what to do? I tried (sucessfuly) to manually change the co** **ys for BBC prime (Thanks Svirac) and it worked like a dream so I am guessing if i find the way to download the rest of **ys in a batch it will work too.

Anyway, any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated.