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Gift Horse (PG) 1952 Seafaring adventure, which sees Navy captain Trevor Howard reluctantly taking charge of an old US destroyer during World War Two. His attempts to take command of the vessel and her crew prove problematic when hostility erupts, though the prospect of facing the mighty German force brings much-needed unity. Richard Attenborough, Bernard Lee, Sonny Tufts and James Donald also number among the cast (888)

Campbell's Kingdom (U) 1957 A dying man (Dirk Bogarde) tries to claim his inheritance an oil-rich valley in Canada. Unexpected problems spring up when he is forced to battle a scheming contractor who is determined to exploit the area for his own financial gain. But fighting for the apparently lost cause seems to give the ailing aristocrat a new lease of life. Adventure, with Stanley Baker, Michael Craig and Barbara Murray (888)

Destination Moon (U) 1950 Sci-fi adventure about a private businessman who pays for an expedition to the moon hoping to get there before the Russians only to find his rocket may not have enough fuel for the return journey. John Archer, Tom Powers and Warner Anderson star

War Games (PG) 1983 Entertaining hi-tech adventure, starring Matthew Broderick as a precocious teenager who unwittingly hacks into America's military computer system and almost causes a nuclear war between the superpowers. With Dabney Coleman, John Wood and Ally Sheedy (888)

The Shawshank Redemption (15) 1994 Quiet, unassuming banker Tim Robbins, wrongly jailed for murdering his adulterous wife and her lover, forms an extraordinary friendship with fellow inmate Morgan Freeman and, over the years, earns a position of trust as the corrupt governor's book-keeper. Frank Darabont's powerful and emotional drama frequently figures high in lists of the greatest movies ever made. Bob Gunton, William Sadler, Clancy Brown and Gil Bellows co-star (888)

Kung Fu Hustle (15) 2004 A wannabe gangster becomes caught up in the gang wars of Forties China, unwittingly prompting a battle between a powerful crimelord and a humble group of kung fu masters. As the fists and feet fly in furious fashion, the hapless youth is forced to choose sides. Comedy adventure, directed by and starring Stephen Chow, with Xiaogang Feng, Wah Yuen and Zhi Hua Dong

Quiet City (12) 2007 Premiere. Erin Fisher stars as Jamie, a woman from Atlanta who arranges to visit her friend in New York for several days. However, she arrives at her pal's residence to find it deserted, leaving her wandering the busy streets of Brooklyn with nowhere to stay. When Jamie encounters a handsome stranger called Charlie, the pair share an immediate attraction, leading them to embark on a whirlwind romance. Drama, with Cris Lankenau

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