Liwest offers HDTV without surcharge

Austrian cable operator Liwest is offering its customers four high definition television channels without extra charge in its digital basic package.
Viewers can receive Austrian public broadcaster ORF 1 HD, Swiss service HD Suisse, German-French cultural channel ARTE HD and pan-European broadcaster Luxe.TV, featuring programmes on luxury lifestyles, together with around 300 conventional TV and radio channels for €5 per month.

“By waiving separate HD fees for our HD package we want to play an active role in the spreading of this new technology and make our customers an offer which clearly elevates us from the competition,” Liwest’s managing director Günther Singer explained.

Federal and company digital subsidies enable viewers to purchase an HDTV receiver for €99.90. This promotional price will be on offer until year-end, when state subsidies for supporting Austria’s digitalisation will end. Liwest provides around 130,000 households with TV, internet and telephony.