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    Hello, I am new to the satellite surfing world and have a limited knowledge of all this stuff and need help understanding everything I need to know. Is there somewhere I can go on the internet to learn about the things I should know.

    I bought a Viaccess (red) CAM, a Infinity USB card programmer and several GoldCards. My problem now is trying to figure out how to use all this stuff. I want to be able to watch channels that use the Viaccess encoding system. I have found files with the keys but most of these are text files and my programmer requires either .bin or .hex files. The .bin and .hex files I have found don't seem work in my receiver.

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to find the necessary files and to use my programmer to program a goldcard so I can watch viaccess encoded channels

    Thanks for listening.

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    If you have a receiver, the best way to do is to use a computer with vplug and SBCL .
    Vplug is the famous plugin of Vahid than can unscramble Viaccess with a file "TPS.bin".
    SBCL is messanger. It talks between your receiver and the computer.
    Take time to look on the net, you can find Tuto.
    For the moment, we have to change daily the "tps.bin".
    Good luck and for the ones who read this post.

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