Hi all
I have matrix rev cam , with mrb300, i have tried to put those codes but non of them are working, I dont understand why people putting those codes but they are not working. Can anyone give an answer please!!!!
As i said I have matrix rev cam and cas interface 3 ,, if there any program or other as mrv225 o5 mrb300 that i can get the channels please tell me
And i have seen new codes for arabesque viaccess 2.5 but i dont know if they are faike or not
here are those codes ,,
thank u
srood 123

S 0065 0C 901F698534D1446E ;CYFRA 13E
S 0065 0D AD2E2F90F71125EA ;CYFRA 13E
S 0065 0E D02F36F0C5B42F23 ;CYFRA 13E
S 0070 0C 761A1229F85B2118 ;SKY TELE+ 13E
S 0070 0D 7F26C0CAEAF02CE2 ;SKY TELE+ 13E
S 0070 0E 075DC71B5BB379FD ;SKY TELE+ 13E
S 0071 0C EDD69814F7A0B8BB ;SKY BCALCIO+ 13E
S 0071 0D 7146126D8A84CC36 ;SKY BCALCIO+ 13E
S 0071 0E 8A0DF2AEC80A5945 ;SKY BCALCIO+ 13E
S 0072 0C 9C05015AA53B8A36 ;STREAM 13E HB
S 0072 0D D6BBBF0B80E53690 ;STREAM 13E HB
S 0072 0E 926D7CFDD16C9D74 ;STREAM 13E HB