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Thread: Technical Problem - Visionnet VN-8000 FS

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    Unhappy Technical Problem - Visionnet VN-8000 FS

    Dear Friends,

    I purchased 2 VN receivers in August locally (as you may know this receiver it is not very legal in this part of the world) and since then the dealer has disappeared!

    Now I have manually configured the ip addresses for both the receivers and even done the software/firmware upgrades on both the receivers and both were working fine until 2 days back. (BTW both eu and me versions of the software work on the receivers)

    Now one receiver is unable to connect to the servers for the card-sharing when I press the (Fn) button i get the following message

    Ethernet Port: Plugged
    IP Address:
    Status: Searching...

    The receiver details are as follows:

    SW: m1.08 VN-8000FS
    HW: 8000-0.3-SZV0-M1.3DE

    I have tried everything -
    unplugging the power cable from the wall socket and replugging
    changing the cables
    reloading the firmware
    reloading the software
    changing between older version (1.03) and new version (1.08)
    tried both eu and me versions
    changing between auto and manual mode for network
    I can ping the assigned ip address
    changing the ip addresses (even reset the router)

    But none of the above has worked, but the surprising thing is the 2nd receiver is working fine - no problems at all.

    Please, please kindly help me out, what am i doing wrong, if you know please tell me, or if you can direct me to someone/somewhere who can help me

    My problem with the VN unit still exists but I have further done the following:

    I went thru the security logs of the router firewall.

    BTW I am connected to the internet by DSL router over 1mb line and i have always entered the ip addresses manually

    As I have mentioned before i have 2 units and one of them is working fine. What i found out in the logs is that the working unit is not visible in the logs but the unit that is not working is trying to access the server and is getting blocked by the router firewall and even if went past by the router firewall (if i disabled it!!) it will still surely get blocked by the local ISP.

    What i conclude from this is that the anonomysier service used by the receiver to cloak the link is no longer working!!.

    I think may be i have pressed some button or a combination of buttons on the remote either disabling the anonomyser service (in a way to say to the receiver - connect direct without anonmysier service) or that particular part of the software inside the unit is not working by it self.

    The only worrisome part for me is that this does not get rewritten we we do a bootloader update or software update on the receiver therefore all my attempts with reinstalling the firmware both bootloader and software have failed!

    Can anyone throw some light on this issue?

    Do you know of any code or Master reset (just like to one to activate the smartcard menu"9999") of switching on/off the anonoymiser service.

    I look forward to your kind advice.;-O

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    Re: Technical Problem - Visionnet VN-8000 FS

    Quote Originally Posted by zorrosat View Post
    forum for vision net 8000fs ***


    est ce que t'aurai une mise a jour pr ce model stp???

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