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Thread: ok ive read all the guides and so on

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    ok ive read all the guides and so on


    ive posted a post here before asking how to open just the astra1&2 channels using a matrix reloaded (the external 1 )

    ive got a extreme box

    my matrix reloaded cam is now showing version 2.0 after using the loader program to update it

    the only cards ive got is a funcard 4 and a clear white card ( like i say im new to all this and havnt got a clue what the card is since its just white )

    im using a pcmcia slot on my laptop todo all the updating to the cam etc

    is there anything else i need to open these channels ?

    ive ask this before and been told to read the noob section (ive read all the posts i could and i still dont find any info on how to open channels using the matrix )

    im happy that you lot are helping me and i know how much work it takes to keep helping every1 since i run a forum myself

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    Hi, glad to hear you're gradually getting there, there's a hell of a lot to learn. Try going to this part of the forum, should answer a lot of your questions, maybe not all, but get you further on your way.
    Kindest Regards, Bill and the FunFiles Team.

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