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    Arrow Humax VACI-5300

    Hi guys, I have Humax VACI-5300 that has a pin which I don't know and I need to re-set, I have tried the Menu> Instalisation> Red> Green> Yellow> Blue> White and Ziro but this combination did not re-set the pin, i have also removed the fuse inside the receiver that have cleared all the channels but not the pin, is there a software that i can use to flash the memory or any otherway I can use to re-set the pin???

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    Re: Humax VACI-5300

    Haven't tried it myself , but when you upload a channel list , some extra features like the pin can be given as well.
    So check out your channel uploader , humbox or other ..

    Hope it works ..

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    Re: Humax VACI-5300

    Press The Menu And Go To Instalition Menu
    And Press status stb satus ok
    Red Key & Green Key & Yellow Key &
    Blue Key & White Key And 0 .
    Now PinCode Changed To 0000

    if it will not work then try to install any TOH software but for 5300 (with correct system id and loader version )

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