More IPTV for Poland

By Chris Dziadul

Poland will later this month see the launch of what is likely to become one of the country’s leading IPTV operations.

Satkurier reports that the alternative telco Netia will start trials of a service operated jointly with the DTH platform n, launching a full commercial service this autumn.

Available initially in Warsaw, it will go head to head with videostrada, the IPTV service operated by the incumbent telco TPSA.

What is more, it will, unlike videostrada to date, include HD channels in its offer.

Results just published by Netia show that the telco had revenues of PLN375,665,000 (€86,336,946) in the first quarter, up from PLN228,696,000 in the corresponding period in 2008.

Its losses fell considerably year-to-year, from PLN55,294,000 in Q1 2008 to PLN6,401,000 in Q1 2009.