Satellite broadband service a reality

by David Allen

A new satellite known as HYLAS, being launched later on in the year, could hold the key to the government’s plan to ensure that every household in the UK will be able to get a broadband connection.

Avanti Communications is a UK satellite broadband provider which has plans to offer a 2 Mbps broadband service to anywhere in the UK for just £15 per month.

The follows an announcement from EU satellite operator Eutelsat, which claims that it could have a viable 10 Mbps broadband service when it launches a new satellite in 2010.
At the moment, Eutelsat is able to offer the 2 Mbps service for £29.99 per month.

This sounds perfect until the facts are looked into, as customers would get a tiny 1.2 Gb monthly usage allowance and equipment and installation costs could be around £400.