Express AM44 satellite put into service

The Express AM44 satellite, named after A.S. Popov, has been put into operation at the 11 West regular orbital slot within the satellite constellation of the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC). Orbital tests of the Express AM44 payload are completed positively.

The Express AM44 satellite will replace the Express-A3 satellite, which service life is fully over, and satisfy the customer needs in satellite capacity for both TV & Radio broadcasting and securing other communications services, inclusive telephone, data transmission and broadband Internet. In addition, it will meet special customer requirements.

The Express AM44 is equipped with 27 transponders, including 16 Ku-band transponders, 10 C-band transponders and 1 L-band transponder. The satellite carries four cutting-edge advanced antennas: 2 steerable Ku-band, 1 C-band and 1 L-band antennas providing for coverage of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and America. The satellite has been developed by ISS Reshetnev in co-operation with Thales Alenia Space (France) and is designed to be operated for 12 years.