Astra 2C is heading to 31,5 E

Released: 11.05.2009, 12:13 TODAY!

Luxembourg Satellite Astra 2C satellite operator SES Astra has left the original position 28,2 ° E, where worked for the British and Irish TV market, and is heading to a new location - 31.5 degrees east, which will serve for Central and Eastern Europe.

Astra 2C will be in position 31.5 ° E to serve as a substitute for satellite Astra 5A (former Sirius 2), which in January this year after a series of technical problems prematurely ceased its activities. SES Astra, therefore, began to address the situation quickly, and as the fastest possible solution is offered using satellite Astra 2C to the position of 28,2 ° E was the least extraction. Multiplexe from Astra 2C have been moved to the satellite Astra 2A and Astra 2B.

Astra 2C satellite offers 24 transponders in Ku band (BSS) for commercial services from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, or Turkey and other countries.

Astra 2C at the first stage serves to position 19,2 ° E, after the delivery of new satellite Astra 1M and 1L satellite is moved to 28,2 ° E, where he served for the Sky Digital platform and Freesat.