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Thread: ATTENTION...The Police makes a Fauls Private forum...

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    ATTENTION...The Police makes a Fauls Private forum...

    According to an arrest Thursday in the South of France, a member of a TEAM containing the name of the famous old forum "DECODESAT" that it parrait Section Research and Investigations against cyber crime délegentée been against the Pirates pay TV Cacasat, was born, and lurking under a Psoeudos donnants raproche the Sun, and elsewhere that they n'invitent members in various forums to join the private forum and then obliged to give their official addresses (France Telecom / SFR / Alice / etc ...) for no registration and address as MSN / Yahoo / etc .. and in order to better understand the identity and affiliation of members recruited by discreetly MP, and consequently, the Brigade will be in full exact address of the State and elsewhere are beginning to investigate the activities of hackSat ...
    It is clear that these practices are preparatory to major raids in the days to come, and that members who are registered, ask them to withdraw quietly without making noise.

    This is a board for you dear friends, because I was also attracted by an attractive invitation from this member CKMAN, but after being reported, fortunately I changed my psoeudo, I was direttament unmask their admin on MSN, then the effect of sudden surprise jumped on him in the mouth and was immediately disconnected and Banni m'à his site under their sorrow that I announce the bad news (admin CKMAN This, he believes s 'out like that).

    KEUF the site in question is this one:

    Code: [/ code]

    Incréminés and crops in the skills for this Brigade: ta8205 / Admin: CKTEAM and sometimes CKMAN

    I ask our admin or modos Banish these Psoeudos of our forum, because y'à Flickage surely in the air.

    I want to prevent: lululec ... ... calamard11 Langua ... Ouilouilman the result plotted on them (also not too large y'à world) than those who were choper on public forums, and more y'à lot of that to say, they recover all that is parru on the Net, and the file laba, PFFFFF call it private, but rather to the judicial investigation (without comment).

    Good to You.

    @ + + + donjuan

    français—Détecter la langue—albanaisallemandanglaisarabebulgarecatalanC hinoiscoréencroatedanoisespagnolestonienfinnoisfra nçaisgaliciengrechébreuhindihongroisindonésienital ienjaponaislettonlituanienmaltaisnéerlandaisnorvég ienpolonaisportugaisroumainrusseserbeslovaqueslovè nesuédoistagalogtchèquethaïturcukrainienvietnamien > anglais—albanaisallemandanglaisarabebulgarecatalan chinois (simplifié)chinois (traditionnel)coréencroatedanoisespagnolestonienfi nnoisfrançaisgaliciengrechébreuhindihongroisindoné sienitalienjaponaislettonlituanienmaltaisnéerlanda isnorvégienpolonaisportugaisroumainrusseserbeslova queslovènesuédoistagalogtchèquethaïturcukrainienvi etnamien permuter

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    Re: ATTENTION...The Police makes a Fauls Private forum...

    thank u but i tell u no news is good news

    good night

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