Premiere plans new thematic channels

Jörn Krieger


German pay-TV operator Premiere is preparing the launch of new thematic channels. The Munich-based broadcaster has submitted licence applications at Bavarian media authority BLM for channels carrying the working titles Premiere Sp-1, Premiere Sp-2, Premiere Sp-3 and Premiere Hits.

Anti media concentration commission KEK gave the green light to the new services during its latest meeting in Potsdam. BLM will decide on 14 May.

No details are yet known regarding the channels’ content. The abbreviation “Sp” could stand for “Spielfilme” (movies) or “Sport” (sports), while “Hits” could indicate a music channel.

Premiere wants to increase its subscription figures with a large-scale re-launch in summer, with new packages, a new pricing structure, an extensive basic bouquet and new HDTV channels. A new name for the platform is also likely, with the platform switching to the Sky brand.