New heights for Belgacom TV

By Robert Briel | May 15, 2009

The Belgian IPTV provider Belgacom TV reached 555,000 connected homes during the first quarter, while ARPU went up 5.7% to €20.40. Turnover for the IPTV division was €30 million.

The figures show a rise of 49,000 new IPTV homes, which the operator attributes to the special year-end promotional campaign, which it extended into 2009.

Belgacom TV said it had invested € 27 million into the IPTV service, mainly for set-top boxes, development of the TV platform and rights acquisition.
The incumbent is expanding its VDSL2 network, which offers customers 20 Mbps bandwidth, allowing for simultaneous viewing of two HD channels.

About 87% of the Belgacom’s footprint is now reached by VDSL2.
Belgacom also reported a total of 1.487,000 broadband customers.