Impulsa TDT: 'allocate muxes now'

Iñaki Ferreras

Impulsa TDT, the association for the development and implementation of Spain's DTT, has sent a formal letter to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce in which it demands an "urgent" distribution of those digital frequencies not yet distributed among broadcasters.

On June 30 an analogue switch off will take place in 1,286 towns and cities meaning 12% of the country's total population will be affected. The government has not yet distributed the radioelectric spectrum of three multiplexes. So far the frequencies of five muxes are known but not those of three others. As a consequence some people may be spending money adapting their collective antennas which will be of no use, criticizes the letter.

"When the government distributes the other three muxes the users will have to hire the installers again so they tune back their antennas in order to get all of the digital signals," said one expert.

Which TV channels will correspond to which frequencies is also not known because they have not been assigned yet. Impulsa TDT thinks this situation is "specially serious and it demands the Ministry of Industry to do it right away. We have got some worrying information from various regions where it seems the post-analogue switch off has not been considered regarding the official financing of the coverage by the five muxes without taking into account the total of eight operative muxes from April 3, 2010," concludes the letter.