hi guys,

here is my update about the motorised 100 cm dish tm 5200d:
i have installed my dish. i am aligned to thor1w and am getting signal on all other satellites.
i have flashed my receiver. i was receiving loads of several scrambled channels until i managed to get the latest softkeys.

i need help on the following guys: (sorry if i am going to ask silly questions).on 1. on thor1w, several channels using encryption nagravision are now opened. i presumed its nagra 1 or 2, right?

2. under option menu, AU is on for all digitv, premiere, tvcabo etc...
what are these? packages? anybody got a list to relates these to satellites?

3. what encryption can softkeys unlock ? nagravsion...cryptowork etc..
anybody got a list to clear these doubts? channels on 4.8e syrius using cryptowork are open.

4.lastly, where can i get premier league football? is it possible to get these using softkeys only.

it occurs to me if somebody can give a list of what can be opened on what?

i am sure i will get answers for these and these will in turn help other newbies.