Hi All.

I want to help my friend with this satellite receiver. He's had it for years and has never done anything with it.
I am quite good with OpenBox using arioner/ariter and FTE satellite receiver using Alimuppg5 etc. But haven't got a clue about this receiver.
Had a look and found FortecLoader V3 (guess this is same as Alimupg5)
I cant see any new firmware, does anyone know where to get the latest - even if it means to put in the Keys manually afterwards.
Also would be greatfull if someone could tell me how to use this loader, to update what to choose either Flash Rom File or Bootfile or Flash and Bootfile. Do you need to turn off the receiver first then use download and then power on the receiver?

Also how do you get into the menu to edit Keys manually?

I have positioned his dish on Thor so that he could watch Digi - so know need to Update his receiver.

He has had it for about 7 years and never new that it could be chipped.

Hope someone can help many thanks. Sorry also for so many questions.