Dolce customers have access to Boom Sport One

* Janusz Sulisz/Rafa? Tomasiak
* last update: 2009-05-18 18:15:57
* source: romtelecom

From 15th of May 2009 Romtelecom Dolce brings in top quality football content following the agreement between Romtelecom and DTH Television Group. Boom Sport One will be available for free for Dolce customers for a maximum of two months period. Dolce customers will be able to watch up to 10 live football matches per week on top of the existing ones already covered by Dolce.

Boom Sport One is a Boom owned channel broadcasting live and exclusively Italyís Serie A and Spainís Primera Division championships, 2010 FIFA World Cup South-American qualifiers and starting in August the Champions League. Boom is a premium brand which offers high quality TV content. Whether it is about movies, cartoons, music or sport, Boom maintains a unique position in Romania broadcasting through its additional 8 exclusive channels.

Dolce is one of the youngest Romtelecom brands registering one of the highest growth rates in Europe wit nearly 0.75 mln subscribers at the end of the first quarter of 2009. Dolce customers are among top rated in Europe in terms of satisfaction with the service.