How important is DOCSIS 3.0?

Chris Forrester

Rapid TV News’ most recent Round Table looked at some of the challenges facing the cable industry. One delegate to the debate described DOCSIS 3.0 as both a blessing, but also a threat.

Cornel Ciocirlan, Arris Inc’s Director/Systems Engineering, said DOCSIS 3.0 was a blessing “because it does allow cable to maintain its broadband leadership, but on the other hand, it also allows the subscriber, or frees up the subscriber, to download or to receive high quality HD content from anywhere else. So the challenge for the operator then is to really offer value to the subscriber in terms of getting that content at their fingertips and I think that's going to be challenging even with today's model.”

However, Ciocirlan argued that the alternative was even worse. “The alternative is falling back to a mixed DVB and IP environment which is also possible and will happen as well, but that will go some way to addressing the problem. But not the whole way, and so eventually you will need the flexibility of having a two way pipe that's really a pure IP pipe down to the subscriber and then at that point it's still going to be DOCSIS.”