Deutsche Telekom starts marketing new football packages

Deutsche Telekom is to start marketing its new football packages this week, delivering coverage of the German football league (Bundesliga) via its IPTV service 'T-Home Entertain'.

The telco will be charging EUR 14.95 per month for live coverage of all 612 games from the 2009/10 season, including both the first and second league games of the Bundesliga, as well as the Konferenz games, with a high-definition package available for EUR 19.95 per month. Deutsche Telekom is also running a promotion whereby the first three months are offered for free.

Coverage will also be available to mobile phone customers of Deutsche Telekom, costing EUR 4.95 per month for access to all 612 games, or EUR 1.95 for 24-hour access to any game in the league, with all data costs included in the price.

The company is also planning to offer interactive features such as the ability to access a summary of each game 30 minutes after it has ended, as well as highlights from the games, a live ticker, statistics, and an on-demand archive of all games.

Constantin Medien was recently revealed to be Deutsche Telekom's partner in the production of coverage of the Bundesliga games, with the two companies agreeing to jointly deliver coverage of the next four seasons of the Bundesliga. Constantin Medien (owner of the channel Deutsches Sportfernsehen) is to organise a Bundesliga channel called 'Liga Total' to deliver coverage of all 612 Bundesliga games.

Deutsche Telekom had sold 600,000 subscriptions to its German IPTV service by the end of the first quarter of this year, compared to 480,000 at the end of last year, with 448,000 subscriptions being in operation by the end of March.