RAI to invest E700m in DTT by 2012

From Branislav Pekic in Rome
Italian public broadcaster RAI has committed itself to investing at least E700 to E750 million for digital terrestrial television by 2012.
RAI director general Mauro Masi said that RAI would invest E290 million in the transmission infrastructure, while E90 to E100 million will be invested in content.
For its part, commercial rival Mediaset is planning to spend an additional E1 billion to complete the analogue switch off in Italy. According to CFO Marco Giordano, this sum would be on top of the E2 billion already spent on the introduction of DTT.
Meanwhile, both RAI and Mediaset, together with Telecom Italia Media, are launching in June the Tivu Sat direct-to-home platform in order to guarantee reception of the Italian DTT channels in those areas where the digital terrestrial signal does not arrive. Viewers will need a special smart-card, which will be sold jointly with the digital box from next month.