Ok first hi & 2nd I am new to this whole Sat-tel thing.
Keep seing all these keys & files.
but there seems to be know guides on all the diffrent ways to install the codes or files.
I can not find any tutorials on here or anywere so far.
I only have buget setup for now.
Fortec Star FS-4200 & 60cm dish mesh type .
I have also have just been give another dish ISS
& a Schwaiger DSR1001 Receiver Plus LNB make unknow as its not here with me now.
My current LNB is ICECRYPT single.
Astra 19.E the sat i am using I have brough a RSR 232 lead & a usb converter so I can connect to my PC.
I have the MrKeys all Receivers file
But what do I do now all advice welcome.