Portugal Telecom launches Meo Fibra

Iñaki Ferreras

Portugal's major telco Portugal Telecom (PT) has presented details of the content which will be available on its new fibre optic network, centred around its Meo TV brand.

The commercial offering consists of a triple play offer divided into two packages: Meo Fibra 20 Mbps with 70 TV channels, internet access of 20 Mbps and free phone calls at E49.90 per month; and Meo Fibra 100 Mbps with 100 TV channels, internet access of 100 Mbps and unlimited phone calls at E54.90 per month. The offering will include HDTV channels.

PT is also hoping to offer 1 Gbps of broadband in the future.

The company wants a million homes to have access to the network by the end of this year through a 50,000 km network.