Blu-ray readies for 3D TV

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is formalising its own standards for stereoscopic 3D. A statement says that 1080p and Blu-ray makes “the ideal platform for 3D”.

No guidance has been given as to the actual ‘standards’ to be employed. “Blu-ray disc is the ideal platform for bringing 3D technology to mainstream home entertainment. The format has been widely embraced by consumers, and the 1080p picture quality and overall experience have become the standards against which all other high-definition delivery platforms are measured,” a statement from the BDA said.

“Blu-ray disc’s capacity, flexibility and incomparable picture quality coupled with the activities of the BDA’s 3D task force sets the stage for a 3D home entertainment specification that establishes another industry standard and enables an in-home 3D consumer experience unmatched by any other delivery mechanism,” the statement continued.

Despite the words in the BDA statement, the industry will also be looking at the work of SMPTE, as well as other technology standards bodies.

Individual broadcasters will also have a say. BSkyB, for example, has contemplated ‘going it alone’ given that it controls the complete broadcasting chain, from camera to screen, and could therefore employ its own – royalty free – 3D system.