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Tonight and Every Night (U) 1944 Musical, set in a 1940s London revue theatre that never misses a night even during the height of the Blitz. The star of the show is an American singer, who embarks on a romance with an RAF pilot. Starring Rita Hayworth, Lee Bowman, Janet Blair, Marc Platt and Leslie Brooks

The Loves of Carmen (PG) 1948 A gypsy temptress bewitches a soldier who tries to arrest her during a street brawl. Completely infatuated with her, the young man loses his position in the army and is drawn into her world of bandits and smugglers, not realising she is leading him into self-destruction. Romantic drama, based on Bizet's opera and starring Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford and Ron Randell

Bullwhip (U) 1958 A cowboy about to be hanged for a murder he did not commit is saved by a female fur trader who offers him a deal she will arrange his freedom if he marries her, insuring an inheritance, and agrees never to see her again. However, once he is free, that part of the deal proves harder than expected. Western, loosely based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, starring Guy Madison, Rhonda Fleming, James Griffith and Don Beddoe (888)

The Phantom of the Opera (12) 2004 A disfigured composer lurks in the catacombs beneath a Paris opera house, giving rise to stories that the building is haunted. The lonely maestro becomes infatuated with a talented young singer, and plans to turn her into a star. However, his love for her is doomed to end in tragedy. Adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, starring Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Miranda Richardson and Minnie Driver (888)

Under Siege (15) 1992 Terrorists infiltrate a US battleship, determined to steal its arsenal of nuclear weapons, unaware the ship's company's resourceful cook a veteran Navy Seal and a scantily clad stripper are about to foil their plans. Action adventure, with Steven Seagal, Erika Eleniak, Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones (888)

Garden State (15) 2004 A TV actor has shuffled through life emotionally numbed by the drugs prescribed for him by his stern psychiatrist father. However, he decides to ditch the pills when his mother's death obliges him to return home for her funeral. Free of medication, his apathy begins to lift, and an encounter with a vibrant woman reawakens his joy for life. Romantic comedy, written, directed by and starring Zach Braff, with Natalie Portman and Ian Holm

The Death of Mr Lazarescu (15) 2005 An elderly man is convinced he is seriously ill but his heavy drinking gives doctors cause to think that he is only hung over. At last he meets a sympathetic paramedic who realises he is telling the truth, but the old man's problems continue as the pair embark on a tedious journey through run-down city hospitals, encountering indifference and bureaucracy along the way. Romanian comedy drama, starring Iaon Fiscuteanu and Luminita Gheorghiu

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