Hulu UK to launch in September?

Chris Forrester

Hulu, the NBC and News Corp-backed download video service, looks as if it will launch a British version in September. The plan is for the site to go live with at least 3000 hours of programming available to viewers, drawn from US, as well as UK suppliers.

Hulu is reportedly in final discussions with UK content providers to wrap up deals ahead of a formal announcement. BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are all believed to be supportive. The news probably places the last nail in the coffin for Project Kangaroo, the BBC-backed download portal.

It is likely that Huluís British version will see viewers gain access to network TV output for 30 days following initial transmission.

One final problem yet to be overcome is how advertising is handled. The US model has Hulu holding onto ad-revenues (which are then divided between rights-holders and the projectís backers). The UK version might have to find an alternate method given the strength of ITV and Channel 4, and the rights they control.