Iranís Press TV to expand

May 24th, 2009
Press TV, the 24-hour English news channel run by Iranís national broadcaster IRIB, plans to expand its activities, offering more news bulletins and more diverse programmes. The Deputy Head of IRIB, Mohammad Sarafraz, said the channel would provide viewers with more newscasts while cutting down on its news analysis programmes. The new developments will start in June, with special coverage in different areas and fields such as economy and the US, he said.

ďThe number of Press TVís viewers is increasing on a daily basis and the channel is being broadcast on German, British and Middle-Eastern cable televisions.Ē He said the number of Press TV reporters had doubled since last year. The channel was launched in July 2007.

Press TV had been the first news outlet to air a documentary about the Gaza Stripís underground tunnels, through which the Palestinians imported essential supplies, Mr Sarafraz said.