Ecuador ‘prefers’ ISDB

Chris Forrester

It seems Ecuador has not absolutely decided on the Japanese/Brazilian ISDB broadcasting system for its digital terrestrial transmission system. Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, stated that he was studying the options but added that he was still analyzing which technology would be adopted in his country.

"At the beginning, we would like to support a Latin American brother like Brazil, which is the one that produces the technology for such digital TV system,” Correa declared last week. "Obviously, I am not an expert in technical affairs, I need to receive the final technical report, but we are also working on this project so as to start a new television era in Ecuador."

Correa meet with the outgoing Ambassador in Ecuador, Jukihiro Maekawa, and with the Brazilian Ambassador, Antonio Marques Porto, who provided him with their advice for digital TV implementation. Both of them offered joint technical assistance and research works over ISDB, reported TV Telco Latam.

To date, Peru has chosen ISDB, while Argentina and Paraguay are close to adopting ISDB. Colombia, Uruguay, Panamá and French Guyana have turned to DVB, whereas Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador have chosen the USA’s ATSC.