Nickelodeon Polska temporarily FTA

Released: 25.05.2009, 19:57 TODAY!

Nickelodeon Polska FTA temporarily because of approaching children on the child prepared by the operator channel Nickelodeon Polska unexpected gift in the form of free (nezakódovaného) satellite signal. The program is for promotional events distributed on FTA satellite Hot Bird 8 (13 ° E).

Promotional events (free posting) takes place from 25 May 19 June 2009. During this time the station is available to all satellite viewers without the need for any abonence.

The Nickelodeon Polska broadcasts on satellite Hot Bird 8 (13 ° E), the frequency 11.470 GHz, pol V, SR 27500, FEC 5 / 6, DVB-S, video PID 785, audio PID 788 (Polish), 789 (Canadian English ). Usually, the signal encryption systems Cryptoworks and Conax (N packets).