Ofcom also sued in S-Band mess

We already know that ICO Global and TerreStar (see above) are suing all and sundry over the EUs award of Europe-wide satellite S-Band licences to Solaris Mobile and Inmarsat. UK telecoms regulator Ofcom is also implicated in the legal actions.

ICO Global is citing Ofcom in an action over the regulator's decision to instruct the ITU in Geneva to de-register spectrum reserved for its mobile satellite service that was says ICO already allocated and awarded to ICO.

In February Ofcom said it wrote to the ITU recommending the spectrum that Ofcom had previously asked to be allocated to ICO be de-registered, and reallocated to the winners of the European Commission award for S-Band spectrum rights. The S-Band is allocated for providers of mobile satellite services.

The Ofcom letter was never sent because ICO applied for a Judicial Review of the situation. ICO has one satellite already aloft and operating in the S-Band, although not over Europe. It is building satellites to circle the Earth, and had planned on using the EU frequencies.