KabelKiosk expands TV offer

Eutelsat’s German direct-to-cable platform KabelKiosk wants to expand its FamilyXL package in mid June with 10 channels to a total of 26.

The additions are Travel Channel, Animax, NICK Jr., VH1 Classic, America Unleashed, Total Hip Hop and Lust pur. Negotiations are taking place with three further broadcasters. Altogether, KabelKiosk now offers more than 100 channels to cable operators on the orbital position 9° East.

KabelKiosk has also revamped its barker channel Infokanal. The service, which informs viewers about the platform’s packages and channels as well as the advantages of digital television, has received new content and a new design.

Later this year, KabelKiosk wants to launch an HDTV package comprising up to 10 channels of various genres. In the fourth quarter a video-on-demand offer will be introduced.