Meo targets expat viewers

By Branislav Pekic

The Portuguese IPTV operator Meo has launched nine channels aimed at the main expatriate communities living the country.

The channels offered free of charge in the basic package are Inter + (Ukraine), Channel 1 and Russia Today (Russia), Pro TV (Romania), BNT (Bulgaria) and Phoenix CNE (China).

Three more channels will also be aired unencrypted until June 30, after which they will be only available for a premium fee.

The channels in question - SET Asia, SET Max and SAB TV - are aimed at the Indian community.

Meo added 72.000 new IPTV and DTH subscribers during the first quarter, bringing the total to 384.000.

Pay-TV clients represented 14.5% of the traffic generating lines and 51.1% of ADSL clients.

Around 50% of Meo IPTV clients used the VOD service, consuming on average 2.8 movies per month.