Hello. Please help ...!
I have a Topfield TF3000CIpro from original soft:
Sys.ID 201 L.V. 3.01
Devices ver. v4.4.7 Jul.01.04
and Dragon Module Pred.3.70 (Tunimax™, YaRGI and passete - Thank you)
So what's the problem ..!
Applies to receive a package of Kingston Inmedia Sirius 4.8 E 12.111 H
Programs such as HUSTLER,Blu.H..., Romantica, TNT are received without any problem.
But with the Travel Channel no image on TV,
and ESPN Classic no adio polen : (: (
Dragon is OK, checked GLOBO / Opticum.
Is helped to exchange the NOT original fireware ?
ranko8 http://www.satsupreme.com/showthread.php?t=6951&page=6
Thank you very much