Canal Digitaal launching new channels in HD on Astra 23.5 ° East

SES ASTRA, an SES company (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG), announced the extension of a long-term contract with Canal Digitaal, the Dutch provider of satellite TV for a transponder on ASTRA orbital position to 23.5 ° East to be used for digital services and the launch of new channels in High Definition. Canal Digitaal so will increase the already rich offer HDTV Market Direct-to-Home (DTH) Dutch and Flemish.

Canal Digitaal has a total of six transponders on the ASTRA satellite system and, through them, provides services to over 900,000 users Dutch and Flemish DTH market: four at 19.2 ° East and 23.5 ° East two out, the latter used for channels in High Definition existing and future.

Since launching in 2007 of the orbital position 23.5 ° East as a new DTH position for the Benelux market, almost half of the users DTH in the Netherlands and Belgium is able to receive services from position 23.5 ° East in combination with that at 19.2 ° East, already exists. For this reason, the device has been developed ASTRA Duo LNB which allows reception from both orbital positions by a reflector of 60 cm.

Kees Färber, Chief Technical Officer of Canal Digitaal, says: "This agreement demonstrates our commitment to the market, Dutch and Flemish, and allow us to continue to grow in the TV market in High Definition."

"We are very pleased extension of this contract with Canal Digitaal," says Alexander Oudendijk, Chief Commercial Officer of SES ASTRA. "Extending our report confirms the high-definition television for viewers and that the orbital position 23.5 ° East meets the growing demand for HD services in the Dutch market."